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Coco’s Buttercups offers what the grocery stores cannot, a delicious, low sugar, creamy milk chocolaty Buttercup, shipped right to your doorstep.  You can now indulge in a healthy treat guilt free, while staying away from the addictive, disease causing villain known as sugar!  The macros for these Buttercups are Keto friendly. One Buttercup is 180 Calories so feel free to consume as a meal replacement or a healthy snack.  This makes it easy to stay low carb when travelling!

Save up to 10% with Monthly Subscription!

*3 month subscription minimum.   After your first 3 months have been delivered, you will be able to cancel your subscription.


Indulge guilt-free

  Coco’s Buttercups are delicious, healthy, low sugar treats and do not contain junk or preservatives.

  Improve your overall health, lose weight and reduce your risk of diabetes and other sugar causing diseases.

  Buy now directly from our website, we ship right to your doorstep, anywhere in Canada!

*These Buttercups are very much like chocolate so if they do arrive melted from warmer weather, toss them in the fridge to harden, they’ll still taste great!  Consume at room temperature for premium flavour and texture enjoyment.

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Coco's Buttercups
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Calvin Beale
Calvin Beale
These buttercups taste amazing! And in my house everyone enjoys them. We have someone doing keto, someone doing mostly... carnivore and someone on a traditional diet. Everyone gobbles them up!read more
Mike Ferfolia
Mike Ferfolia
I am lucky enough to have known about Coco’s Buttercups nearly from their beginnings. Being a guy with a sweet tooth, I... can easily crush a half-dozen of these things without even blinking because really, they’ve always tasted awesome! The latest version of the Cups is the best yet and you don’t have to feel bad about eating “too many” because they’re sourced from such high-quality ingredients unlike a lot of the “healthy” snacks you find on store shelves. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re the perfect snack to help balance out my fat intake as well. Can’t recommend these more
Rich Grossman
Rich Grossman
Everything!! These little flavour nuggets are amazing!
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright
When I started my weight loss journey in January, Coco’s Buttercups and its creators were an integral part of my... regimen. I used these as snacks to help break my sugar addiction and transition to a low carb lifestyle. I’m now 125 pounds lighter, and now use coco buttercups to full my performance in my active lifestyle. These are well made, with real ingredients. I hope you have as much joy and success with them as I more
Jessica Martin-Randall
Jessica Martin-Randall
Received a free sample. The flavor was very chocolatey and texture was very smooth, almost creamy. (No nuts in the cups... I got, which is a plus to me.) A great keto snack or fat bomb. Nutrition facts included, and info is per cup, which was great, no guessing or math about portion size. I would consider ordering these more
Katrina Rodrigues
Katrina Rodrigues
Super tasty and not bad for you! Better than a Reese cup! 🤤🤤🤤
Raymond Kingsmore
Raymond Kingsmore
These beauties have contributed to my overall wellness, when combined with a serious commitment to healthy but fairly... strenuous daily exercise. Thanks #kingsmoreread more
Tanya Ginger
Tanya Ginger
tasted so good when i got my sample and no aftertaste
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