“We help treat lovers indulge in a delicious, low sugar snack that aligns with a heathy lifestyle.”

Indulge guilt-free with low sugar desserts

Keto Friendly

War Against Sugar

We are in a war against sugar as one in three people in Canada suffers from obesity.  Being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

Everyone Is Frustrated

Self-doubt and frustration due to weight gain and other declining health issues can be very disheartening and can result in not feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Depression is also linked to sugar consumption.  See the connection between sugar and depression here. Like you, we are frustrated that grocery stores are filled with mostly sugary junk and limited healthy snacks.

What We Offer You

Coco’s Buttercups offers what the grocery stores cannot, a delicious, low sugar, creamy milk chocolatey Buttercup, shipped right to your doorstep.  You can now indulge in a healthy treat guilt free, while staying away from the addictive, disease causing villain known as sugar! We want to help you enjoy your transformational journey!

Transformation Story!

Anthony's Tranformation

Anthony Lost 126 Lbs!

One of our customers, Anthony (@awrighttunes) lost 126Lbs in just 8 months. While Anthony drastically changed his diet and lifestyle, the addition of our Buttercups helped him satiate his sweet tooth and allowed him to cut out sugar.  Anthony just recently ran his first marathon! We are so proud of Anthony for working so hard to improve his life. We are truly honoured to play a part in helping Anthony stay focused on his path to a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you Anthony for allowing us to play a role in your transformational journey. This is exactly why we are here!

The Process

Coco's Buttercups

You won't believe there's no sugar!

The Plan

Eating healthy meals can be feasable but sometimes you just need something sweet to be fully satisfied.  This is where you drop that candy bar and pick up a Buttercup.  You won’t regret it when there’s no added sugar!  Trust us, we do it all the time.

Our end goal is to provide you with a tasty Buttercup that aligns with a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We used to be slaves to sugar so we get how hard it is to kick an addictive sugar habit. That’s why we want to help you kick start your journey with some free PDF downloads:     

'Kick The Sugar Tips and Recipes' (Free PDFs)

Your Successful Transformation

Coco’s Buttercups will help you kick that nasty villain (sugar) out of your life and by doing this, you reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease to name a few.  By reducing sugar and increasing healthy fats from the cocoa butter in the Buttercup, along with a few healthy meals provided in our free guide, you will shed fat, feel more satiated throughout the day and begin a sustainable, enjoyable healthy lifestyle.

We Help YOU Avoid Failure

We are here to help you avoid failing.  Nobody wants to be in  the “one in three Canadian’s” obesity statistic, which is why you should do something to protect your life against disease. 

Allow us to help you reduce your frustration and self-doubt as it can be very difficult to change these unhealthy habits.   Let us help guide you to reach your goals.  Download our free help guides now!

Why We Do This

We have done the work and we have the knowledge to help you achieve a happy, sustainable healthy life.  We want to guide you and watch you transform your lifestyle so that you can thrive and live life to the fullest.  The path to true self-acceptance awaits you.

Buy our delicious Buttercups now and begin your healthy transformation.

Email us if you have any questions regarding nutrition or exercise:  guide@cocosbuttercups.ca  

Certified Personal Trainer

We will help you in any way possible.

Chocolate Buttercups
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Wow! Really love these cups! Very delicious and pair very well with coffee or tea. Can't wait till I can purchase some! - Sarah
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Very impatiently waiting for these to launch! The sample I had was so darn good, I can't wait! - Alyssa
Better Than Expected!
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Very tasty, grateful was able to receive a sample.. been looking for fat bombs locally and I'm thrilled these will be out soon.. thank you! - Akita
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These are great in so many ways: a little pick-me-up on the road; bring one along as a nice little restaurant steak- chaser. Thanks!! - Ray
Tasty Buttercups
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Just got my second order of the Buttercups - I love the new recipe - great texture and flavuor. This is a great treat and I'll definitely be ordering more.. - Gail Benjamin

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